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For a Successful E-commerce Business : Innovative E-commerce Solutions

U.S. Census data implies that the e-commerce sales are growing at a faster rate. Businesses those understand this growth rateec_current are considering e-commerce as a crucial business opportunity. Online retail sales figures are increasing every year, so its the best time to start your own eCommerce website.

Business either existing or startup can achieve the next level of growth only if it has online presence. So having an elegant and intuitive e-commerce website is very important to increase your web presence.

But if you are looking forward for the boost in the sales, then only a good looking website will not help. Having an e-commerce website that allows to select products for purchase and process the checkout smoothly will appeal customers the most.

Easy to start with e-commerce web development:

Getting an e-commerce website built is not a costly affair. The biggest portion of the capital is required for stocking the products. Otherwise an online business can be built upon a trivial cost.

Responsive web design:

Responsive web design supports sales of products on any size and type of device. Shopping sites optimized for mobiles, tablets and PCs has the major benefit of better SEO performance. Also, responsive sites requires only a single site maintenance. Thus it will allow you to focus more on new strategies to achieve best sales result.

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What customers look up-to in an e-commerce site:

From a customer’s point of view lets check out what are important things to be focused upon.


Being a customer where would you like to shop a neatly organised store or in a dirty, disorganised store. Off-course every customer will like the organised way of presentation of products for sale. Same goes right with e-commerce site too. Here comes the design of website into the picture. A well designed e-commerce site will definitely attract and engage more customers. The best user experience and user interface will bring customers back to the website.

Fast load time:

Its not very difficult to make out the difference between a speedy website and the website that is loading slowly. The site feels better to navigate if pages are loading in just 1 or 2 seconds and information is being delivered soon.

Many surveys suggests that speed of the website affects the rate of conversion of leads into sales. Some Shopping behaviour stats are as follows:

  • 47% of consumers expect a web page to load in 2 seconds or less.
  • 40% visitors abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.
  • 79% of shoppers who are dissatisfied with website performance are less likely to buy from the same site again.

The speedy website improves the chances of increased sales and business.

Product display pages

It is almost unpredictable, what the next customer will look for. But it is not possible to display all the products on homepage. To make the attention grabbing home page, you have to display the most interesting and eye-catching offers to it. For example, displaying the branded goods on upfront is the great attention-grabber for first time visitors.

Also the product page should be engaging and should provide all the information on the same page. A good product page will showcase all product info along with images and videos.


Easy Checkouts

A cumbersome checkout process will ruin the customer’s experience with that online store. A pleasant shopping experience will definitely bring the customer back to the site for shopping. The payment and checkout process should be kept secure, simple and fast.

Providing the best e-commerce experience to your customers is important and can be achieved by choosing right developer to develop your user-friendly e-commerce website.

Social Media Links

In present scenario, people prefer to go to social media websites like Twitter and Facebook to get the source info about everything. Public opinion matters most to the buyers. Also it’s a great and huge platform to do self-promotions. Having social media links will give your e-commerce business a great boost.

After transaction  emails

Once the transaction is done, User should receive the online payment acknowledgement and order details through email. The online receipt should contain details like order number, customer details, amount paid, contents of the order, contact e-mail and phone number. It should also have the link back to the website that is what most of the e-commerce business does not have.

Online chats and phone numbers for help to customers

Availability of live chats and helpline phone numbers are of great help to customers. When customers faces any difficulty they prefer to have somebody to whom they can share their query to.

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How-to Guides

Having How-to guides at your site adds as a bonus to the user experience of the website. These guides answers common or frequently asked questions that would solve the common technical and other problems of the customer.

Final tips:

Finally some of the tips that can be kept in mind to create a great online store are as follows:

  • Great product display with catchy images and info
  • Excellent User Experience
  • Simple Navigation
  • Easy Checkout process

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Krify has competency in building an e-commerce website that would help you boost sales figures for your business. Being an e-commerce web development company, our expert team of web designers and web developers are in alignment with the current trends in industry. Our competent designers and developers thrive to render a complete e-commerce website solution to effectively bring success to your online business.

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