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What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is a type of online network marketing that indicates to the development of expanding traffic by sharing content on social media sites. Social media marketing contains activities like sharing updates, pictures, sending videos, & and in addition paid web-based social networking advertising. There are so many ways that can social media can be a beneficial marketing channel or platform. As opposed to suggesting it as a strategy of the day, the reason should manage technique and the strategies used for achieving desired targets.

Improving Brand Identity and awareness:

Yes! You can improve your brand identity by using social media marketing. People are spending time on different social channels like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube etc. By posting your product name all over those systems can support let people notices that you’re all over.

With use of consistent and experts in social media marketing services or in-house activities, your Brand will get the eyeballs of a large number of clients the whole way across the world. This won’t just build the perceivability of your brand, yet it will likewise make your Brand as a famous brand.

Extending Website Traffic:

The primary reasons you should utilize social media marketing is to build your website traffic. This isn’t something hypothetical however in the event that uses properly social media can turn into an extraordinary source of traffic that can enable you to set up an effective online business or blog. By sharing our posts on social media platforms, by giving referral sites called back lisnks, also gives more traffic to the website.

Targeting the Audience:

It is the right way to know your clients. Let your content connect with the correct group of right audience with the help of social media marketing business.

Casual people group enable you to see what your potential customers are talking about while in the meantime ending up more familiar with them. Organizations ought to use these frameworks to collect client information to better oblige their requirements and give them the information they’re hunting for.

Developing search engine rankings:

Social media marketing and how it identifies the search rank has long been a bit of a dull subject. While social media marketing may not straightforwardly affect search results, it’s obvious that your social media subsistence can assists you rank higher in searches.

By sharing valuable content on social media, optimizing most relevant keywords, giving more backlinks to the content, it will give you much better ranking position.

Krify work with you to figure out which social media channels will associate your business with the ideal individuals. Krify team starts the procedure with a top to bottom research about the organisation and the segments that can possibly team up inside the strategy. Krify digital marketing specialists have the ability to make a one of a kind advanced procedure that will separate your business and develop your brand. Contact us today for digital marketing solutions concentrated on expanding your primary concern.


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Huzzin app

Are you looking for a new social app?

Getting bored using routine social apps. Want to try something new and fun ????

Here comes Huuzzin Mobile App,  Social App with difference, it is a social networking app which causes users to interface with the people having same interests. Users can post and join the occasions whenever in the app. They can even share their experiences to others and furthermore can rate others with whom they went for the occasion.


Concept of HUÜZZIN went to the client, when he turned into a single parent and found himself needing to share things in life with others, but without the desires and pressures of dating. Can’t he just enjoy time with someone, or many, that share the same interests as he without having to date others?

Which platforms are compatible?

Users can install this app in any platform, either Android or iOS and with latest version.

Features of the app:

By after signing up or Login

-User can pick their favorite category like Outdoors, Indoors, Foodie, Entertainment, Groups and Family.

-User can invite their contacts, what are already stored in mobile, it will sync automatically.

-User can create a venture, and can share that to all, who’re in app, or favorite’s contacts, and friends also. As well as, interested one’s can join in that venture also.

-User can give reviews and rating after completion of venture.

-Usually, user can chat by sharing images and location with their friends, favorites and as well as with their venture partners also, whether it is not in their friends list.

-User can upload their profile picture and also update profile with set of preferences like categories, venture proximity.

-User can also share the app with other by using other social apps, which like Whatsapp, Facebook, and Instagram etc.

Apps Screens:

Having more features and interesting things inside the app.Try this Huuzzin app to get more fun with your new friends.

This advanced social networking app was developed by Krify. We are very happy to part of this success, by giving our best technology and designing. We realize that our customer’s time is valuable thus we strive the progress toward them to make use of their time in the most effective way. So do you have idea to create a social app similar Huuzzin. Get in touch with us on krify.co

Taking the imaginative strategy to change your thoughts into reality, you simply need to relax and let our Professionals clear the way towards the realization of your thoughts into reality!

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Top 5 reasons- Why you need mobile app for your startup Company

Building a mobile app is one such decision that in today’s time a company has to take.

No doubt it is a big decision being your appearance in the market because as they say the initial introduction is the best impression.

The regular approach says to construct a website first and after that consider the mobile application yet how about we be doubtful for some time and reconsider. Is it the correct method to tap the market?

To sort out the entire procedure we have thought of a fine-tuned checklist which will enable you to put a conclusion to steady meetings to generate new ideas about whether to go to develop a mobile app first.

1. Your business in everyone’s pocket:

Now-a-days average person spends more than two and half hours a day on their mobile device. So it is no doubt any longer that clients invest significantly more time using mobile media than they do utilize desktops. If your start-up is absent from the mobile screen, it is missing more chances to associate with the correct clients.

Your business into everyone's pocket


Despite what business you have, a mobile app can help you to get and retain buyers and, accordingly, you will achieve your potential clients anytime and anyplac

2. You can access even though at poor connection:

In the event that your clients are visit guests and may visit your application more than 5 times each day and expect a lag free from you, it is insightful to go for a mobile app than a website.

Websites are slow to load and afterward there is the login strategy, may be the browser connection is poor and on its highest point, the client won’t get push notifications.

The general purpose is to keep it faster, helpful and up to date.

The mobile app will give all of you these highlights as it can have some offline features to give straight-forward entry to the client even with a poor web connection. It can be customized to give push warnings which keep the client connected with and will increase the client visits to the application.

3. Promoting new products & services:

With the use of a mobile app, you can undoubtedly provide users with some helpful data about your new item or service, rebate offers, or some other updates to bait them and increase your deals. On the other hand, the app can link to your inventory system sign up for your services or purchase your product online.

Promoting your business and services

Whatever the reason is, everything comes down to the useful idea of the mobile app which joins all the data you’d like to provide to your customer. For instance, through push notifications, you’re getting even closer to a direct interaction, and can easily remind clients about your items and services at whenever it makes sense.

4. Increase your brand recognition:

Since a mobile app is downloaded onto a mobile device and thus lives on that device, it becomes easily-accessible and consistently reminds the user of the brand, since it can be seen on the mobile screen.

One of the most important things a mobile app offers to consumers is awareness of and communication with your brand. And through that regular interaction with your target market. The more your audience trusts you, the more likely they’ll be to listen to later appearance.

5. Improve Customer Engagement:

The efforts of mobile engagement brings a new chapter to marketing strategies. Because mobile apps are structured differently than any other channel especially when compared to browsing web via mobile  retailers who have apps can invite customers to interact with products and with branding in ways that can’t be done otherwise, bringing more mobile customer engagement.

good customer engagement

Mobile devices help you bridge the gap that separates the physical and digital worlds, connecting with customers/prospects to enhance their loyalty.

So, are you looking to design a mobile app for your startup? Just catch us on Krify.co

Krify app developers have expertise in developing apps for iPhone & Android. We are dedicated to provide mobile app development services at its best and proud to have a huge base of offshore client along with some of the top multi-national brands. You can come to us at any stage of your project – from just an idea to architecture, from development to quality assurance and support.

All over, Yesterday website’s becomes Today’s mobile app.

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