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Articulated Naturality Web

Articulated Naturality Web technology is a mission to drive commercialization, internationalization and futurization of the world.

Articulated Naturality gives a virtuality continuum and brings together many new emerging technologies to create a revolutionary user experience of the real and digital world.

Articulated Naturality Web

ANW technology services include video scene feature identification, image processing, multi-sensor coordination, real-time positioning, wireless access, media information, digital publication, entertainment and other fields of augmented reality.

The challenging applications of ANW are:

4)Digital Marketing

Have a look at the video showing some of the possibilities using ANW:

Articulated Naturality Web

Articulated Naturality Web promises to take the concept of augmented reality to a whole new level.

The future of augmented reality is Articulated Naturality Web which is the future of mobile life and potentially the future of advertising.

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