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7BABK – One stop for Event Management

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In our previous article, we touched on the subject of Event Management Apps,  about Wedding Mate App. This time, let’s pay attention to 7BABK focused towards Event Management Businesses.

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As a result of our innovative ideas and committed efforts, one of our innovative mobile app product – ‘Invisible Brace Scan’, has been featured in BBC Radio for its innovative idea which reduces the communication gap between the patient and doctor during the initial consultation process.

7BABK is an innovative initiative towards creating a software tool that would ease out the troubles faced by people scheduling an event. Using this app, any individual or organization can get in touch with the business people or vendors such as photographers, venue arrangements, florists etc for planning any type of events. check their availability for any particular time period and book them.

What are the major features of the 7BABK APP:

The 7BABK app is developed in both Android and IOS Platforms. Which consists of the following functionalism strengthening any event management business with Admin module, Vendor module, and User module.

  • User App: is all about the Front View of the User App where the user can see the list of various event management services to choose from feed and free to book.
  • Vendor App: 7babk is also had a special vendor app, Where Vendors can sign-up with their services list/offering to the event organizers / individual event hosters.
  • Admin Module: This comes with a business through to connect an event manager with the right vendor for making an event successful. All the process between the front end (User App and Vendor App) can be managed from back-end admin modules.

User App

  • User app starts working by installing it on the mobile device with a splash screen popping on screen 3 secs with app name and logo.
  • Later on the first load, User will be guided with a simple tour on how to use the app
  • On a successful tour / either skipping it user will be headed to sign up or sign in form. Here the user needs to sign up manually with email id, username and setting up a password. Either with the user can also use his/her Facebook account for a quick sign-up.
  • After a successful login, the user can be able to see all the vendors available.
  • Also, User has an advanced search function to find the vendor based on the Category, Location, Event type, Size, and Rating basis. Where you can navigate with his/her choice.
  • In case of a particular vendor, the user can view information of that particular vendor as such
  1. Vendor name
  2. Description of the vendor
  3. Gallery of the Vendor services
  4. View Rating & review of the vendor
  5. Address of the vendor
  6. Contact number
  7. Make Favorite
  8. Can visit the vendor website (If available )
  9. view Calendar of the vendor with available dates
  10. Book the vendor with the event type, date, time.(Four types of bookings – Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Night, Overnight )
  • User has an option to add any vendor as a favorite, where also he has the option to delete the favorite vendors whenever required.
  • In the current version, User can be able to book the vendor for service. (Where payment could be done offline)
  • Also, User has a choice to cancel the booked slot within 24 hours mentioning the reason.
  • On the other hand, User will get push notification regarding the new vendor registrations
  • In case of Vendor Acceptance of the job, User will get a push notifications
  • The user can view booking history and can review and rate accordingly for vendors.
  • The user has an advanced user control on the app about notifications and has rights to edit and update the profile info.

user screen

Vendor App

  • Vendor needs a verification from the admin before start using the 7BABK vendor app.
  • Once the Vendors has been successfully added them, they can get an email updated with mail id and password. Using which vendor can be successfully login to update vendors his profiles.
  • The vendor can update their profile information like
  1. Username
  2. Password
  3. Description
  4. Address
  5. contact number
  6. website link(if available).
  • A vendor can also add services and gallery and calendar with available dates.
  • Vendors can see the booking details like username date of booking from users and can accept/decline the user booking and can also view canceled bookings
  • The vendor gets the notification if any bookings had happened from the user.

vendor screens

Admin module

Admin will be provided with a tailor-made administration module to manage both the User and Vendors with a Web Control Panel.

  • Admin will be logged in with username and password from the web backend.
  • Admin has full access to add, view, edit and update, block each vendor as well as the user from the backend admin module.
  • Also, admin can be able to check all information about the vendor like Vendor name, Address of vendor, Description, Reviews, Category of their business and Contact details.
  • Admin has a well organized CMS panel linked to managing all the screens from about us and terms & conditions.
  • Admin can view statistics of the number of users in online and number of bookings and cancellations based on daily, weekly and monthly.
  • Admin can see vendors rating and reviews and also which vendor is getting more bookings.

admin screen

7BABK is the advanced platform as a solution to connect event managers with various vendors who are capable to join their hands for making the event successful with added revenue. On other hands, we do hear from the client that an idea like 7BABK will raise hands to get maximized profits with less time investment when it powered with Automation cycle which makes the people job simple.

Are you still in dilemma to invest in event management Apps? Lets have a look on advantages of event management apps. At Krify, Our developers’ team worked with various ideas to connect business individuals and users for making the job simple.